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    • To receive the tuition pre-pay discount of $100/student, the full tuition must be paid by Friday, August 19, 2016. (Pre-Kindergarten students are not eligible for discount.)
    • Our Pre-Kindergarten Class for next year is nearly full! If you plan on having a child in the Pre-K class please turn in the paperwork to reserve your spot. (Paperwork can be downloaded - Select the Policies and Forms tab above and click on Registration Forms.)
    • Samantha won the $500 St. Columbkille Credit Union scholarship!! Her name was picked from all the students who have a savers account at the Credit Union. Congrats Samantha!
    • Look at the NEW Summer Activities page under the School Programs and Activities Tab above.
    • Thank you PTU for the fabulous t-shirts given to ALL of our students and the great hot dog lunch provided during our Mini-Olympic Day! AND for EVERYTHING you have done this past school year for Saint Columbkille students, staff, and parents - YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!
    • A special thank you to Chris Hoy of Hoy's Martial Arts for sharing his time and talents with our students in grades K-3. Mr. Hoy taught them basic self-defense moves and the students were able to earn a beginning belt (orange with a white stripe)!!